Lots of Polishing

Its been awhile since we’ve posted on our Blog.
2 weeks ago we had a quote accepted for
stripping and repolishing a 16ft Rosewood Boardroom Table,
10ft Sideboard and then various window sills on site for a
large company in Lincolnshire.
An exciting job to get our teeth into and after a
long 10 days, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
All flies were told to keep out of the workshop,
and thankfully they did.
Nothing worse than putting the final coat on the piece of furniture
and then a fly decides to land on it!!!

Delighted with the finish and hoping to deliver it back this week.

Upholstery for the boardroom chairs by
Derek Murphy from http://www.fieldendupholstery.co.uk/
Take a look at Derek’s website for any Upholstery needs.

Once this job is out of the workshop we are hoping to increase our
stock of Natural Edge Frames, in Oak, Elm, Ash and Hornbeam.
Current frames are selling well on Ebay and on our online shop, and
feedback is fantastic.

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