Darling Buds of May Finished!

So We finally finished our Darling buds of May drinks cabinet
Trying to keep as close as possible to the original prop from the show-
using screen grabs off the 24yr old TV show! and some drawings
drawn up by designer Chris Freeman.
We hope Pop Larkin would be proud to serve drinks from it, and the
customer thought it was Perfick!

DSCF3514 (Large)DSCF3516 (Large)DSCF3517 (Large)

DSCF3518 (Large)DSCF3520 (Large)DSCF3522 - Copy

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4 Responses to Darling Buds of May Finished!

  1. Darling Buds fan says:

    This is amazing! Are you available to do any more commissions?

  2. Lindsay Roberts says:

    Hi Graham ,could you tell me how much it would cost to have this beautiful pop Larkin cabinet made for me its so lovely i would save up and have one made,kind regards Lindsay Roberts

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