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Archery is my passion. I love shooting and I enjoy making Longbows.
I shoot for Friskney Bowmen, and I have done so for the last 8 years. My bow of choice is English Longbow, which I have shot at County Level and for the East Midlands Region (EMAS)

From my first Longbow I made, which was a self Oak bow I have changed things slightly !!
My current design is a Bamboo backed / belly, laminated with Purpleheart Core.
This design shoots extremely well. We currently have 9 members at our club shooting with my Longbows, up from the 1 Longbow member when I joined Friskney Bowmen. Not including the 10 or so archers I have made longbows for from other clubs.

I based my design on a bow I saw made by Alan Fleming, which is different to other Longbows as it uses a Bamboo belly. Matched with the Purpleheart core it makes for a striking design, finished with a 2 pack waterproof lacquer and a fast flight double ended loop Flemish string.

Horn Nocks are kept to a minimum size with a simple round arrow pass. I now offer a choice of colours for the leather handles, owing to the fact that 9 longbows down the club are looking too similar 🙂

2018 prices are currently £275 (plus postage) up to 55lb draw weight.
Price on asking for other draw weights.

Our Guarantee : 12 months

My Longbow are guaranteed against breakage or failure for 12 months .