Yew Mirrors

Its a wet morning here in Old Leake, Lincolnshire. In our workshop we have been
finishing off 3 Yew Natural Edge Mirrors. They are beautiful. They were
in our home for the last year or so, but we have decided to sell them.
The detail in the timber is stunning and we want to share them with others.
They each have waney edges and the clear lacquer gives the
frames such a lovely finish. These would look beautiful on any ones wall.

DSC_0023 (Large)

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Beautiful morning

It’s a beautiful morning here
in Old Leake, Lincolnshire.
We are retaking pictures
of our Natural Edge Frames
in the sunshine. Oak, Elm,
Hornbeam, various timbers.
All looking lovely in the sun.
Sunshine makes Happy
Cabinet Maker.

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For all your Cabinet Maker Enquiries

For all you furniture needs, from restoration, repolishing and cabinet making
just call us on 01205 870233.
We are a family run business based in Lincolnshire.
If a chair leg is broken and you think the only thing needed is to bin it…..
Think again and call Graham White Furniture.
If you spill some drink on a Dining Table and the polish has lifted…..
Call Graham White Furniture.
We can quote you on repolishing the table, so it looks as good as new.
For all your Furniture needs just call Cabinet Maker and Furniture Restorer
Graham White at Boston on 01205 870233


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Spring has Sprung

Its now spring and outside is starting to look nice again.
Daffodils are popping up along with Snow Drops.
In the workshop we are turning bowls and toadstool.
Making new frames and now making Wall Sconce holders for Candles.
These have a very rustic feel, waxed with a dark Jacobean Wax.

wall sconce  wall sconce 2
At the moment I am restoring the veneer on a Music Box and
making a Longbow. Pretty varied jobs.

Take a look at our online store at all our
Natural Edge Oak / Elm / Ash  frames for sale.


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New batch of Mirrors and Frames for sale

Well January is nearly over. Over the last few weeks we have been making frames
for pictures and mirrors. With various bespoke orders too.
We have been receiving some really good feedback about our frames
which is great.
At present I am stripping an old Gramophone, which is starting to look good.
And a Longbow is going to its new home on Sunday.
Looking forward to going to the wood yard in the next month or so, and looking through
their timber. Timber Yard equals Favourite place !!!!

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Darling Buds of May Finished!

So We finally finished our Darling buds of May drinks cabinet
Trying to keep as close as possible to the original prop from the show-
using screen grabs off the 24yr old TV show! and some drawings
drawn up by designer Chris Freeman.
We hope Pop Larkin would be proud to serve drinks from it, and the
customer thought it was Perfick!

DSCF3514 (Large)DSCF3516 (Large)DSCF3517 (Large)

DSCF3518 (Large)DSCF3520 (Large)DSCF3522 - Copy

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Darling Buds of May

The Drinks Cabinet has had
its final coat of polish. It looks
great. Now we need to fit the
electrics for lighting and the
Fingers crossed it ready
for delivery
on Tuesday!
Then we can post pictures
on the website.
Watch this space

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Christmas repairs

So we’re busy leading up to
Christmas. Getting various
pieces of furniture
Also repairing dining chairs,
so everyone can sit around
the table at Christmas.
If you have a broken
chair, virtually nothing is
beyond repair.
So please contact me on
01205 870233

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Table polished and going back tomorrow

One more table finished and going back tomorrow.
Really pleased with the finish and hopefully the customer will be too.


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Christmas is coming!!

Trying to get up to date with jobs- Christmas is sneaking up quickly and now have had extra work
New machine is installed and running – A Stroke sander for sanding the frames- a bit like a hand
belt sander only 6ft long – wow it does its job well, sanding a frame now with no backache after!!
New batch of frames up on eBay now- some Oak , Ash and Hornbeam.mirror 1

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