Natural Edge Frames

Our Rustic Natural Edge Frames are all handmade in our workshop by
myself and my wife Sarah.
Each frame is unique and has its own character. Its extremely hard to show in a photograph the true beauty of these frames.

We put great thought into selecting the timber, we want to create a stunning frame that
people will want to hang on their walls.

We like the frames to stay very natural. We keep the bark on the timber where it is possible. The ripples in the timber add to its appeal, and the knots and marks make them so unique. No two frames are ever the same.

We use various timbers, such as Oak, Elm, Ash even Yew where possible. Sometimes we get very lucky and have a beautiful Burr to craft with. Our timber is air dried and heat treated so we can keep the bark on the edge, as we think this is what makes them so natural.

Once made they are all polished in our workshop. Some frames are stained to give them a different look, especially if people want them to match their original furniture.
Our frames are provided with a hanging wire, the glass and backing boards are fitted with flexi tabs. These frames are perfect for mirror too. We can provide bevelled mirror at a small extra cost. Please just enquire.
These frames look stunning with either a print displayed in them or a mirror.
The choice is yours.

We take great pride in making these frames. Every one is different and that what makes them interesting to us. Its like watching something grow in front of you.

Someone asked me if I get bored making frame after frame.
My answer is simple … No!
Every frame is different. I enjoy choosing the timber and then seeing the end result.
I just hope you love the frames as much as us.

Picture Frame      mirrors 2012    556917_585902321422272_1994046856_n[1]